"Sing it out" - Die Story hinter dem Song:

"Sing it out" ist der Song, der am spätesten entstanden ist. Er fällt auch von der Thematik etwas aus der Reihe. Es geht nicht ums Meer, nicht um Geschichten von Menschen. Ich diskutiere den Begriff "Denkmal" auf musikalische Art und Weise, gebe dem Denkmal an sich dabei aber auch fast menschliche Züge, vor allem eine Aufgabe... an der das Denkmal dann doch scheitert. Also doch passend zu manchen anderen Songs des Projekts.

Musiker und Sänger bei "Sing it out":

Klaus Geisel: Keyboards, Hammond, Rhythmusgitarre, Solovocals und Chor.

Sonja Köhler: Chor

Karlheinz Hornung: Stromgitarre

Flori Mayer: Saxophon

Schüler der 4. Klasse in Waal: Kinderchor


So I´m a giant, I´m a signal, a meeting pint, a "must have seen".

Was born from granit, out of limestone and sculptures lay their hands on me.

My bottom is signed with words of wisdom and gold will make those words came true. They call me benchmark, call me statue. My top is growing to the blue.

Want act for honour, stay for worth, a sign of liberty on earth. I hold fo underpressured folks. We all know, but we don´t talk.

I´m built for freedom, built for peace, where Willy Brandt fells on his knews.

A benchmark against hate and war, can only stand, I can´t say more.

So sing it out, sing it loud.

So many people climb my stairways and some of them show their respect.

They talk and wash their hands in innosence, they all know but they don´t act.

I´m fixed in Berlin, I´m the wall. In France I look like Charles de Gaulle.

Hiroshima, mankinds worth´st. Threehundred rocks for holocaust.

I hold for honour, stay for worth, a sign for liberty on earth,

A benchmark against hate and war. Could only stand, I can´t say more.

So sing it out...

They scratch their names deep in my surface, but I´m obliged to change your world. All I can do is make you understand. So am I mankinds conscience?

So sing it out ...

I was a giant, was a signal. Wan´t improve mankind - I failed.

Now I´m alone through storm and thunder. Was it me to change your world?

Im Jahr 2018 habe ich zu "Sing it out" noch ein Video gebastelt. Hier ist der Link dazu.