Mary Celeste - Die Geschichte hinter dem Song

Die Mary Celeste war eine Brigantine, ein zweimastiges Segelschiff, die 1872 auf halbem Wege zwischen den Azoren und Portugal verlassen im Atlantik treibend aufgefunden wurde. Warum das Schiff verlassen im Atlantik trieb, ist bis heute ungeklärt. (Wikipedia)

Im Song "Mary Celeste" greife ich dieses "Mysterium" auf und finde eine eigene Antwort.


Benjamin Spooner Briggs war der letzte Kapitän der Mary Celeste. Er galt als erfahrener Seemann und brach zur letzten Reise von New York nach Genua  am 7. November 1872 auf.  

Im Song übernehme ich die Rolle von Benjamin Briggs - und das führt dann eben zu einem eher tragischen Ende ;-)  

Diese Musiker waren "mit an Bord":

Klaus Geisel: Hammond; Akkordeon; Synthesizer; Drum Programming; Akustische Gitarre; Lead Vocals; Chor

Conny Hasel: Lead Vocals

Wolfgang "Hefus" Hefele: Stromgitarre


Mary Celeste - Songtext:

Voice from 1873:  I am Benjamin Briggs and I sailed  from  West

My  ship leads me from far. She´s called Mary Celeste.

It´s eighteen-seven-three, so I bring the stuff for a Song wrote in twothousand years:

M.C. was loaden with gold and with wine for France, my man filled the sails - all their wisdom and sense. Friendly blue all around and white waves do their dance.

Soon I passed the Kapverdes in a gentle sea, fixed the Maroccoan coast in the map beneath me. Then a dark grey light blinded me from North, waterwalls come our way, we´re unable to cross. No chance to strike the sails, to send a "Save Our Souls".  A big waterfist tries to damage us all. "Give us you ship" - a silent cry. We all are scared to die.

Dance with my ship, we dance in trance. Do we think to the ground to find a final balance? She´ll die in grace, water fells in. The I see pale shining forms they are dancin´within - within.

We dance in trance, we dance in blue. We dance with transparent bodys, we´re reaching for you. We dance with grace, dance with the storm. We dance without any motion until we´re reborn.

They dance with grace, dance with my man. They dance with everyone who came in contact with them. They dance for life, dance for their peace. They dance alone until someone redeems by a kiss, by a kiss.

We dance alone, we dance alone.

When I open my eyes, blue and calm ´s the sea. Not a hand on deck. M.C. was left except me. But my mind gets fally surrounded by this phenomen. I am lost, I must leave, must return to this dream.

Dance with myself, I dance in trance. Then I treat my ship to find a final balance. I dance in deep, this is my fade. Will I be awaking on ground?

Maybe I´am too late... too late.

They dance in trance, dance in deep sea. They dance with transparent bodys. They don´t reach for me.  They dance with grace, dance with the storm.  They dance without any motion until they´re reborn.

I dance for life, I dance in grace, I dance for someone to touch, to remember my face. I dance alone, dance for my peace, I dance alone until someone redeems by a kiss, by a kiss.

We dance alone. --- We dance alone.

M.C. was found near Gibraltar, sailing straight to North, without a tone or a noise, not a soul on board.  From this time I´m here on a unknown coast. I am waiting for life. I am sitffed to a stone. I´m lost.  I´m lost.