Lady Emotion - Die Story hinter dem Song:

Ich habe versucht den Song auf die Stimme von Conny Hasel zu schreiben. Sie war einige Jahre die Leadsängerin der Shotgun-Band und hat dort u.a. "Still Got the Blues" auf ihre Art mit viel Emotion interpretiert.  Lady Emotion ist zugegebener-maßen ähnlich gestrickt wie der genannte Song von Gary Moore, Tempo, Rhythmus und Arrangement sind durchaus gewollt angelehnt. Außerdem gibt der letzte Song des Albums den Musikern noch einmal Gelegenheit sich in Solos gut einzubringen. Mit der Phrase am Ende des Songs schließt sich der Kreis. Sie entspricht weitgehend dem Beginn bei "Storybook One".

Musiker bei "Lady Emotion"

Conny Hasel:  Leadvocals

Klaus Geisel:  Hammond, Keyboards, Programming, Chorvocals

Wolfgang Hefele: Stromgitarre

Karlheinz Hornung: Stromgitarre

"Lady Emotion"  - Songtext


When I touch down and kiss the dawn,

when I appear again to move nights calm, 

when I start to spread my wings so warm

could not close my eyes about what´s going on.

I´m your friend. Don´t look into me.

I´m the end . I´m sure, you agree.

I´m that Lady Emotion, a sister of the sun.


So much of wisdom, maybe too much,

so many contracts but so less touch.

To be so cool, thats great on your flag,

tired about it every time I come back.

I bring you pride, show you how to rechoice.

Sometimes your sad, when your listen to my voice.

I´m that Lady Emotion, I turn inside out.


But  if you want me to surround 

your in danger to burn down.

I´m not cool and emotions flyin´high.

If you decide to engage with me

there´s so much you can´t see.

There´s a turn on my card. I would not denie.


I´m with you, when your in love.

If you are turned up, I make it rough.

If you cry of sorrow, I´m standing right here.

When your lonely and lost I dont want to disappear.

I´m near you, can´t you see.

I´m your choice, your symathie.

I´m that Lady Emotion, change your lifeline into waves.


And whe the daylight turns into gloom.

It´s time for me to leave, better late than soon.

A warm breeze that leads me from east to west.

I´ve tried to set signs, to gave my very best.

Maybe you´ve changed your point of view.

maybe your able to look into you.

When your filled with emotions, you´re always close to me.

But if you love me more than yourselve

then you´re thrown between heaven and hell,

you´re defeated by emotion. Your lost when I disappear.