"Tortured Finger Blues"... Wer einige Tage mit dem Windsurfbrett dem Starkwind getrotzt hat, weiß um die Bedeutung des Titels! Nichtsdestotrotz, zum Schreiben und Aufnehmen des Songs hat es dann doch noch gereicht. Unten der Text und das entsprechende Tondokument.

Entstanden ist der Song natürlich auf Naxos, aufgenommen wurde er wie die meisten anderen Songs von "Call of the blue" in Unterostendorf.

Mitwirkende Musiker:

Karl Heinz Hornung ( git)

Gabi und Jonas Geisel ( Chor)

Alles andere wie gehabt von mir.

"Tortured Finger Blues" - Text

Driving fast, like the wind, driving to where the waves come in. The blue blue sea,- that´s what I choose. Soon I tell you why I call it “Tortured Finger Blues” You go ---- Surfing --- Gliding --- Free Riding….. If the waves are boiling in your vains If the stormwinds are blowing and clearing your brain. If you have a “lift up” but you´ve still control Over board and sail – but not over your soul. In the fight with deep sea monsters, you gonna win. When you fly over waves, crashing your ass in. When you shout out your pleasure, you need no excuse. Soon you know why I call this “Tortured Finger Blues!” You go surfing – gliding---- Hanging loose and off the lip, needs more than a finger tip. A lot of jumps and screws make this Tortured Finger Blues. Upside down and Jesus Christ – will make you satisfied. But if your arms get long, you sing this Tortured Finger Song. You hold the wind- in your hand. But now look at themselves – you will understand. There is blood on your skin, no more limps and smooth. That´s why I call it “Tortured Finger Blues.”