Ägäis - Aufnahme: K.Geisel
Ägäis - Aufnahme: K.Geisel

"Seven Beaufort Blues"  Für einen guten Windsurfer gibt es wohl kaum etwas schöneres, als mit dem Board bei sieben Beaufort durch die Wellen zu heizen. Die Gedanken, die einem dabei durch den Kopf gehen, versucht dieser Song einzu-fangen. Instrumental wurde der Song von mir solo eingespielt. Den Text findet man unten.

Seven Beaufort Blues (Text)

Seven days on the beach, missiled by the sun,

my bones´getting wrecked, I´m unable to run.

What else can I do to brake Poseidons spell?

No breeze in the air, it´s a surfers hell.

It´s maybe like Odysseus ancient tortur.   

It´s like L.(you) B´s  tragic, I am really sure.

It´s like fantasy,when she´s caught in a norm.

The light has gone different - I´m smelling the storm


It´s my own seven beaufort blues,

he wants me get wet, he taught me to choose,

... My - seven beaufort blues


The sea is a mirror of light and blue wine,

strange historic moments are waiting behind.

I glide to west, through a shimmering  sea,

I dreamed King Artus was speaking to me.

The waves are knights ride aside by my fin,

they capture my soul when the red sun dives in.


And I win...

I will never end, I always begin

Got back my youth-

and  got my - seven beaufort blues.


The waves grew darker - they nearly are grey,

white crowns are dancing  - then they´re blown away.

I turned my head - the last I could see,

a big gothic wave is falling on me.

`was  washed with the colours of a turquise  dream

when Vincent is trying to paint this scene.

But I´m on the fly - I just could not see

am I me or a result of this artists genie.


Sure it set´s me free,

is´t my seven beaufort melodie.

I never loose,

I got my seven beaufort blues...

got my seven - beaufort -  blues.